Cromlechi Rhiw Burial chambers

Cromlechi Tan-y-muriau

CHAMBERED LONG CAIRN, Tan-y-muriau.The larger (N.W.) chamber (Shown above) is formed by a capstone 3.5 m. by 3 m., tapering in thickness from 1.3m. at the N.W. to 20 cm. at the S.E., supported at the N.W. by a line of three contiguous uprights 1.5m. above ground, and at the S.E. by a single slab 2 ft. 6 ins. high. The interior of the chamber measures 4 ft. 6 ins. wide by about 8 ft.

The smaller chamber

In a raised part of the S.W. side of the mound, 25 ft. from the S.E. end, a single slab on edge is the only visible trace of a third chamber mentioned in early accounts.


Cromlechi Eraill Other Dolmens



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